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Slide Clásicos de lujo BUY NOW Clásicos de lujo, these are the matches that will always be with you, their practical size and content make them perfect for those occasions where you need them.
In addition to being an environmentally friendly product, it is an icon of Mexican culture.
Slide FLAMA "The matchsticks of my kitchen". BUY NOW RECIPES These matches are made of reforested wood and are perfect for use in the kitchen as they are resistant and practical.
You can find them in different sizes to suit the needs of your home.
Slide TALISMAN BUY NOW El cerillo de la suerte, busca la cajetilla de tu signo zodiacal y vuélvela tu TALISMÁN, estos cerillos siempre estarán ahí para sacarte de un apuro, elegantes y personalizados.
Cerillos de papel reciclado y un tamaño perfecto para que siempre estén a tu alcance.
Slide Manola BUY NOW Manola elegante, los cerillos típicos por tradición, que por su tamaño, calidad y precio son los preferidos, enamórate de los 42 trajes típicos más representativos de nuestra cultura mexicana al reverso de cada cajetilla. Slide GUERREROS BUY NOW Recycled wood matches with iconic characters from history, 50 pieces, practical size. Slide RELÁMPAGO BUY NOW Recycled cardboard matchbox perfect for restaurants, bars and hotels. Slide Flama parrilleros RECIPES BUY NOW Wooden matches of 20 cm.
Con el tamaño ideal para encender el asador o la parrilla y disfrutar de un momento en familia o con amigos.
Roast meat has a great historical and cultural value in the north because of the value associated with fire, the means by which food has always been transformed.
People gather around him and that generates true conviviality.
Slide SPECIAL MATCHES BUY NOW Cigar matches handcrafted with wood from reforested forests.
Cigar lovers are known for their appreciation of good food, wine and spirits, and choose the most appropriate combination for each particular moment.
Al prender tu puro con fósforos especializados no modificas las notas de olor de tu habano.
Slide HOMA CANDLE MATCHES BUY NOW A product designed to facilitate the lighting of scented candles commonly used in spiritual rituals or in harmonious places.
We developed this 10 cm product that facilitates the lighting experience, in addition to having thicker wood and thus maintaining the flame for longer.
"Since ancient times intentional candles are always lit with wooden matches, never with a lighter, as it loses energy and intention. By doing it with the match your intention comes pure to the candle."