La Central

We are a 100% Mexican company that has been illuminating Mexican homes for more than 130 years, bringing matchsticks and matches of the best quality to all of Mexico, South America and North America.
One of the first industrial companies in America, founded in 1885.

Cerillera la Central

Advertising and Promotion

We also specialize in the design, distribution and sale of advertising on matches and promotional items. We offer advertisers a projection with a market universe of 100 million people at a lower cost than traditional media, with high impact and permanence for much longer in the consumer.

Slide Birth of matches Our History 1805 Finally, fire has been domesticated, through a process that mixed 2 products, phosphorus and sulfur, a very aggressive mixture but that produced a flame when the user joined them. This ignition process took several years of study, research and experiments, to obtain the wonder of having a match between the fingers. To light it, it is only required to rub it against a sandpaper, so that other components intervene that facilitate a slow ignition, something unimaginable for many centuries... 1885 2022 Slide Mexico's first matchmaker is born Our History 1885 The brothers León and Manuel Mendizábal, in partnership with the brothers José and Pedro de Prida, founded in the port of Veracruz a company for the manufacture of matchstick and matches, which they called Compañía Industrial de Matchstick and Matches (Industrial Company of Matchstick and Matches).
Due to the location of the factory, very close to the Central Railroad Station in the port of Veracruz, it began to be called
1888 1805
Slide La central is consolidated Our History 1888 After proving successful in the port of Veracruz, its founders decided to establish a branch in Mexico City, which they also called "La Central", independently of its corporate name. In the year 1890 they decided to expand the factory of matchsticks and matches established in Mexico City, and decided to modify its corporate name so that from then on it would operate as "La Central", Fabrica de Cerillos y Fósforos, Mendizábal y Compañía. Since 1902, the reproduction of a railroad engine was integrated into the design of the pack as an emblem, which would be printed on all the match packs produced by La Central, regardless of the commercial names given to them. 1910 1885 Slide A new century Our History 1910 Upon the death of the company's founders, the company name was changed again to Mendizábal y Compañía Sucesores, Cerillera la Central. At that time, a young Spaniard by the name of Daniel Montull Segura began to collaborate with the company, starting as the company's sales representative and giving impetus to the growth of La Central. Due to the success obtained by the plant established in Mexico City and in order to better serve the company's clientele, in 1911 the Veracruz plant closed its facilities, leaving the Mexico City plant operating at full capacity. 1940 1888 Slide A Classic is born Our History 1940 Already as General Director of La Central, Mr. Daniel Montull designed an innovative matchbox, with the commercial name of "Clásicos de Lujo", which with the passage of time would become, due to its perfect definition, the most important matchbox in the market. This popular product shows on its main side the reproductions of the Venus de Milo and the Parthenon, keeping the emblem of the traditional "maquinita". On its obverse side, and with the aim of providing a cultural incentive, an interesting Collection of Masterpieces of Universal Classical Painting was reproduced. 1956 1910 Slide All the advantages for the consumer Our History 1956 With the help of new technologies that have modernized the production of matchsticks and matches, specific products have also been designed for different types of consumers with different functional needs: smokers (style, glamour), kitchen (speed, effectiveness), workshops (durability, resistant), bars (discreet size, necessary capacity). In 1956, Mr. José Barroso Chávez was appointed as General Director, who from the very beginning imprinted a modern mentality in his administration, through the automation of manufacturing processes, achieving important changes and better results in the company. 1999 1940 Slide On the threshold of the new millennium Our History 1999 Cerillera La Central S.A. de C.V. moved its two main production plants from Mexico City to the municipality of Atitalaquia in the State of Hidalgo. Currently, Cerillera La Central continues to develop new technologies that undoubtedly represent more efficient improvements in its manufacturing processes, which will allow for new and novel presentations in its brands of matchsticks and matches. 2020 1956 Slide Actuality Our History 2022 Compañía Cerillera La Central, for more than 126 years in the Mexican market, has been dedicated throughout this time, to bring to every home in this country, light and warmth, through one of the many wonderful inventions of man, "The match". That is why Compañía Cerillera La Central, will continue with one of its essential objectives, "to illuminate the path of each and every one of the Mexicans through the passage of time and technology". 1805 1999


To fill Mexican homes with the quality and warmth of our products, marketed nationally and internationally, in an atmosphere of tradition, family and work.


To transcend as the preferred marketing group of Mexican families, achieving their full satisfaction, offering champion brands and services in the market, in a profitable manner with synergic business units, developing the full potential of the people who are part of this great team in an environment of constant growth.


Transcendence: We are a company with a great history, which has succeeded and remained for more than 130 years, preserving its values and being faithful to its roots. Always keeping this in mind, we project ourselves into the future to remain and grow constantly.

Services and their description:

We have an industrial structure that includes strategically located plants, distribution centers and warehouses, as well as commercial coverage in Mexico to guarantee supply and excellent service to all our customers.

Horizontal integration and the development of our own technology, we have a wide structure that contemplates the procurement of all inputs and raw materials with the highest international quality and safety standards required for the manufacture of matchsticks and matches.